Expressive. Explorative. Self-determined.

Megan graduated with honors from Multimedia Makeup Academy in March 2017, but she believes that learning your craft should be a lifelong process. She knows that learning new techniques, styles, and trends; and playing with texture, color, and product are essential for growth and discovery. In her eyes, expression through makeup has become the lucrative industry it is today because of its transformative power. It can be as natural, trendy, iconic, or timeless as you want it to be, and there are no rules. You can evoke as many looks as there are emotions or experiences. Exploring and understanding this evocation is crucial in the industry to successfully execute the client’s desired look whether that be a bride, photographer, or director.

That’s why Megan prioritizes networking and diversity, surrounding herself with a web of other professionals – makeup artists, wedding vendors, photographers, directors, actors, actresses, brand owners, etc. She values genuine connection with others to establish collaboration, resources, expertise, and most importantly relationship.

Megan’s favorite part about this industry is supporting and encouraging people to reach their full potential, all while putting their best face forward. To her, beauty is so much deeper and more complex than outer appearances will allow us to see, and she loves bringing that inner or underlying expression to the surface through the medium of makeup.